Financial Independence in the "New" World

The world has seen a major shift in lifestyle due to the global pandemic in early 2020. Many left unemployed, or living on the verge of financial crisis - small-business owners who had to go out-of-pocket to cover expenses, and other families forced to dip into their life savings just to make ends meet in this cruel world we now live in. As a result, there have been many dynamics that were also forced to shift, such as the way we gather, eat, even travel. However, I have yet to see the change that matters the most - a financial "trimming."

You would think that with all of these new restrictions in place, that people would finally have the urge to start saving and pinching their pennies, and yet, I see the same impulses around me. Unemployment and stimulus checks used as a down-payment for a new vehicle or home, or worse - spending in on the new iPhone 13 Pro Max. This is unacceptable, and if you're one of those people, I don't judge your behavior (I too have my share of the "WANTS" overpowering the "NEEDS") but in order for us to become fully in-charge of our finances, we need to develop the tunnel-vision to drown out all the noise of all these tempting ads and trends.

I started taking charge of my financial future on January 1, 2020. It was a complete coincidence that my wife and I decided to start our financial-freedom move right before the global pandemic reared its ugly head, but boy are we glad we started when we did. At the time, we had three young children (three whole mouths to feed, not including our own) and were neck-deep in student loan and car payment debt. For the sake of transparency, our total debt was at around $89k at the beginning of that year. We kicked the door into that new room of hardship and grinding, and now we live in that lifestyle rent-free. We are prepared, mentally, but most importantly, financially.

On this site, I will go through all of the tools that we used, and still use to this day, to take control of our finances and stay in-control of our money. If a simpleton like me could do it, then anyone can do it. It wasn't rocket science, but common sense, dressed in the grim reapers' attire. You too can do a self-reflection - build a financial overview, pull out those money-clippers, and start trimming all that unnecessary fat that's weighing you down from your true financial physique. Time to flex those money muscles.

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