The Price of Happiness

There is a myth that there exists a correlation between having a lot of money and being happy.

Growing up, this was one of the things I truly believed in, as I was never fortunate to come from a family who was considered ""well-off" in societies' terms. We weren't poor (at least from my perspective) but I do know that we went on less family vacations, and ate at less fancy restaurants. Going to the shopping mall for some McDonald's was honestly an excursion.

As a kid, you can't help but think that if you had lots of money to afford the things you dreamt of, then you would have been naturally happier.

And then I hear of celebrities who are obviously wealthier beyond the average family household, but suffer some sort of depression, addiction, or just outright live a negative lifestyle.

So how does having all that money lead someone to potentially be living unhappily?

Behavior. Behavior is everything.

What you do with the money you have is what determines your level of happiness. You could have the income of bread crumbs and a cardboard box, but still feel wealthier than the richest man in the world. It's the thought of the value of every dollar you own being put into things you absolutely love and are passionate about - hobbies, family, self-learning - that result in your growth of happiness.

I can honestly say that at my age, I feel wealthier than I've ever been or will ever be. Even if twenty years down the line I find myself with a trillion dollars, I'll never be as wealthy as I am today. I'm 29 years old, with three beautiful children and a loving little growing family, and we barely make enough to have annual family vacations. And still, we're happy and thriving. Happy to be alive, happy to be able to watch my kids grow while they watch me grow. So what if the neighbors have a new car, or if your relatives show you pictures of their recent trip to some foreign country? It doesn't mean they are happier than you. And it shouldn't have an effect on how happy you are.

Whatever amount of money you currently make or don't make, I pray that your behavior towards it is always in control and grateful. If your behavior is unstable, you'd better belief more money in your hands will amplify that instability.

Be thankful and blessed for one dollar, and you'll be even more thankful with a million dollars.

Count your blessings.

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